$5.5 MM Interest Income earned for friends and family. $22.2 MMActive loans paying $200,000 a month. $63 MM Funded 305 Loan closings. 38% Avg. LTV since inception

About us

My Father and I started a loan company together in 1999 and it blossomed into something we could never have imagined.  With that said, our experience is 2nd to none.  With over 1.5 Billion in loan closings and over 5,000 units, we have certainly done our fair share of underwriting and investing.  Give us a call today to talk about how we can serve you.


The saying goes “Money never sleeps” and neither do we. Often times you will receive emails from us at 4 AM or 10 PM. This is not an accident. There is always something to be done on these loans and we are always looking for the next step.


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Ryan McPhillips



  • Ryan McPhillips

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