How it Works

The loans on this website are all applications currently in process and available to investors direct.  What that means to you is that we can draw docs in your name as the beneficiary.  You are funding to title direct.  The loan payments are sent direct to you through a third party servicer.  If you like any of the loans you see here available on our site, then please reach out to via phone to Ryan McPhillips at (949)698-2840 or email

As a family of investors, we have been closing private money transactions since 1979.  Our team is here to serve you as the investor from underwriting to payoff.   We are here to facilitate the ongoing lifecycle of your private money loan portfolio.  When borrowers are behind, we will follow up with them to ensure a timely reconciliation.  When clients call for payoffs, we will manage their needs, whether it be to refinance with you as the current investor, or to faciltate the loan payoff.  We will help manage and forecast the constant ebb and flow of your portfolio against our consistent stream of loan opportunities to ensure minimum down time for your investments.  This isn’t a side business, this is our life.  You can call direct at (949) 698-2840 or send an email to


This process is to reserve your loan. Actual loan purchases will be conducted via bank transfer Dismiss